Olay vs. Nivea: Part Infinity

This is part 7 of the 7 part series on this! Read the earlier ones first: 2 3 4 5 6

I recently came back onto WordPress to write a post, and decided to check out my stats.

To my surprise, there were actually views on my posts! I couldn’t fathom for what reason, and turns out there are people who are pretty interested in the Olay vs. Nivea debate.

Well, a full 5 years after the very first post, here is the ultimate followup.

I actually just recently (like a few months ago?) got to the bottom of the Olay bottle. By got to the bottom, I mean I unscrewed the top, took the pump out, and wiped the tube that the pump top is connected to and wiped the lotion off of that. I also used the tube thing to scrape at the lotion at the bottom. I have kept it upside down so I could get more lotion out.

Why bother? Because the lotion is great! It doesn’t have any perfumed fragrance, and it’s rich and moisturizing without making my legs feel gross and sticky.

What’s changed between the experiment and now? Well, a year or so ago I started actually applying lotion regularly after I showered, not just for special occasions. So I’m much more accustomed to the slightly “sticky” feel that you get whenever applying lotion. Even though this same bottle of lotion has stayed with me for 5 years, it was only in this past year or so that the lotion level really started moving.

I went to college in a much less humid city, which definitely helps with the “tacky” lotion feel. I keep using quotes because it’s not quite the sticky or tacky feeling you get when using too rich lotion that just doesn’t absorb. I’m just talking about the initial moistness that you feel when putting on lotion.

Right after the experiment ended, I discontinued using the Nivea, mostly because it had a scent which, while not bad, was not something I wanted to smell all the time. I think my mom might still be using it to this day.

The final consensus (between me, myself, and my legs)?

Olay is the clear winner. Still.

Would I buy this lotion at full price? Ehh, I don’t really buy any health and beauty products at full price, to be honest. If it was on sale, though, and I was almost out of lotion (which won’t happen for a while, because I have quite a bit of Aveeno and Bath and Body Works lotion right now), I would probably pick one up.

This is part 7 of the 7 part series on this! Read the rest: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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