I wouldn’t consider myself particularly ambitious, in terms of wanting to make tons of money.

However, today, in Sunday service, they had someone come up and share about Compassion International (CI), one of those charities that you can sponsor a child through. They played a touching video about a child discovering she was being sponsored. I teared up a little bit.

Cynical me… The first thing I did when they started talking was look them up on Charity Navigator. World Vision has gotten so much bad flak, and last thing I wanted to do was contribute to some organization squandering their money in the name of Jesus.

Turns out, they have consistently been well-rated on Charity Navigator, something CI is proud of, and touts on their literature and website. (I would, too.) My interest was piquing.

When I got home, I went online to look at the children. Looking each and every face, my heart broke a little more. I came wanting to sponsor one, and now I felt worse and worse as I looked at another, feeling as if I was betraying the others.

As of typing, there are 9,230 children available to sponsor.

Through their program, sponsorship of a child costs you $38/month. Not insignificant, but very doable, $456/year.

Confession time…

In 2014, I spent just under $500 on shoes and clothes alone.

That’s still less than the $800+ I spent in 2013.

Yeah, I know. As a college student, too. 

(To be fair, I was working at the time, but that’s still not an insignificant amount of money.)

My point being, that’s not an amount I’ve never spent on non-vital items within a year’s time.

Like I said, right now there are 9,230 children available to sponsor.

To sponsor them all for just one year would cost $4,208,880.

Of course, that’s not the point of this program. Part of the point of CI is to pair each child with one person (or group of people), who personally write to and develop a relationship with the child. For one person to sponsor all 9230 children would not be bad, per se, but to do so would miss the relationship building.

Even so… More than anything, I feel like this has pushed me to work harder, focus harder, and pray harder. Money doesn’t just buy nice things. It buys very necessary things, too, and it doesn’t have to be necessary things for just us.

This isn’t meant to be a pitch to go sponsor a child, but if you do decide to, or are already doing so, let me know! I’m planning on sponsoring a child with someone, and would love to talk about it with another sponsor.

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