Get the most out of the “commercial holiday”

Valentine’s Day is often looked down upon as a holiday fueled simply by consumerism. Companies are trying to lure you into their stores under the ever-idealistic banner of “love” and “romance”. Bah, you say.

Well, not all vendors are looking to make you spend money. Some are actually giving things away for free! Sure, this is all to get on your soft side, so that you might buy something from them. But… Whatever to that, right? Those of us who are really into freebies know what to do- go in, get the freebie, and go along on our merry way.

  • A free sample of Marble Slab’s new Tiramisu flavored ice cream! It’s a pretty tiny scoop (3 ounces, which is like 6 non-heaping tablespoons), but ice cream is always delicious, and even more so when it’s free. Plus, the times are ideal  for everyone, even those in school- this promotion goes on from 3-6 PM. Check out their website for participating locations!
  • Get a free crunchy taco from Taco Bell! Just like them at their Facebook page, and then print out a coupon. If you’re not into online coupons, sorry, this is not for you. Or you could just go get a taco anyway. They are pretty cheap, after all. But free is always better than free.
  • Can’t get enough of free ice cream? Like miniature balls of breakfasty goodness? Send an e-card through Denny’s and get a coupon for a free Pancake Puppies Sundae for not only you, but your friend, as well!

So whether you are into just eating freebies and going, or are already planning on going to the above fine establishments, I hope you enjoy saving some money! Please do enjoy that delicious flavor that only comes from not paying for something! Hopefully the gas used to redeem your freebies doesn’t cost too much!

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