Biology | Seventeen and Three | Birthday Gifts | Hand Lotion

Today, I took the Biology AP exam. Just hours earlier, I was pretty sure that I was going to make a two or three, out of five, on the test. Or, in layman’s terms, not pass, or fail. But after taking the test, I felt like I at least passed, with at least a three. Sure, probably not college credit passing, but passing.

Thursday was my birthday. I turned seventeen. Seventeen was once my favorite number. It became such when I was at the birthday party of the girl who used live four houses down, and it was time to open presents. The mom suggested that the birthday girl pick a number, and that all the guests choose a number between 1-50 or so, and whoever’s number was closest to the one the birthday girl elected got to have her present opened first. Anyhow, I chose 17, and what do you know, that was the number the birthday girl chose, too! So from then until the time period between fifth and seventh grade, 17 was my favorite number.

Things changed in eighth grade, though. My friend and I were having a petty debate about the relative awesomeness of numbers in IPC, and I decided that three was by far the most worthy number. She countered that seventeen was. Then we came up with all sorts of reasons for why each of our respective numbers was more awesome. My best supporting evidence was that the Trinity, of God, Son, and Holy Spirit, was a set of three. My friend could not counter that argument, really. And I continued on to say that a triangle is such a perfect shape, and three sides made up a triangle. When we asked our teacher which number he thought was the best, he came up with a great response. He put his hands together to make a triangle, and then parted them- the fingers showed a 17. So really, seventeen and three work together. But three is still greater than seventeen, even if not technically so in a strictly numerical, linear sense.


Seventeen. Eww.

Anyhow, for my birthday, I received a new shower pouf from my mother, as part of a larger collection of gifts. Let me be forthright- there is a difference between a $2 shower pouf and a $1 shower pouf. The previous shower pouf, which cost $2, that she got me, was made of a finer meshy material. By finer, I mean the meshy stuff was constructed of thinner plastic threads, and the spaces were a bit smaller. I did tell her to get a $1 pouf, though, in defense of my mommy. Anyhow, showering with this new $1 pouf is not as enjoyable as showering with the $2 pouf. It is almost abrasive in its new lesser fineness. But it does the job, and still makes washing my whole body fun and bearable. (I used to just shampoo and condition my hair and wash my face in the shower. No body wash. I know, I was/am pretty nasty.)

From friends, I received all sorts of goodies. In second period, my friend, who has long brown hair, gave me a pink bag of goodies. The bag was made out of the material that is used to make those reusable grocery bags. Once I got to second period, I opened it, only to find a super cute blue-chrome-colored ducky bank! Piggy banks are so eighteenth century. (I mean, that is when they were first made.) Accompanying the ducky bank were a pack of tissues with cute yellow duckies printed on them and a packet of paper soap, which I should put in my purse-bag in case I want to use soap for some reason. I actually rarely use soap to wash my hands, unless I am at home, someone else’s home, or at La Madeleine (their commercial soap smells SO GOOD!!). In third period, my friend, who red hair, gave me a large box of delicious, homemade, made-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies. I really like the smallish chocolate chips that she uses to make the tasty cookies. In fourth period, my friend, who has long blonde hair, gave me a pan of twelve outstanding red velvet cupcakes. These cupcakes were red velvet with chocolate chips, topped off with the most amazing pepperminty icing/frosting that I have ever tasted, which in turn was topped off with a sprinkle of those soft-ish peppermint candies. Both the cookies and cupcakes were shared with happy friends, and other people who are not really my friends, but shamelessly asked for food anyway. (In no way do I mean to say that I shared food unwillingly, or that I do not like these people.)

On Friday, when we picked up one of my friends, who has medium black hair, I was greatly amused. She backed out of the doorway awkwardly, balancing a large something. When she fully emerged from her house, I realized that it was a huge pack of CHARMIN ULTRA STRONG TOILET PAPER!! And MEGA ROLLS, at that! I could not stop laughing for a good three minutes or so. Just seeing her walk out of the door with the almost unwieldy pack of toilet paper was a great additional bonus present. I look forward to using the delightful toilet paper for at least a month or so. Those mega rolls last a long time, especially when they are of the Ultra Strong Diamond Weaved variety.

As for the Olay vs. Nivea experiment… I showered Friday night, and put on lotion, and knocked out into sleepy land. Nothing particularly exciting happened, concerning lotion, at least, between then and Sunday, when I put on lotion again. One thing that I really like about the Olay lotion is that it really is absorbed well. Yesterday, I washed the dishes because it was mother’s day, and since I like to FEEL dishes become clean, I pretty much never wear gloves. So I have to make sure to use lotion after I wash the dishes, or else my hands turn into mini deserts. Anyhow, my main beef concerning using lotion on hands is that whenever I wash my hands next, the all the lotion that I used some hours ago sort of washes off, leaving my hands kind of sticky, though not in a sugary way, and hard to dry completely. When I washed my hands some hours after using the Olay lotion on my hands, though, I did not have to endure that most trying experience! What a joy that moment was, as I stood at the sink, my hands clean and not sticky.
I definitely think Olay is the winner, but I am pretty sure I said that I would carry out the experiment for two weeks, which is fourteen days. So I will do so. The Nivea lotion really is not bad, but it simply pales in comparison to the Olay lotion.

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