Birthday | Olay vs. Nivea 6&7

This is part 5 of the 7 part series on this! Read the earlier ones first: 2 3 4

So on Saturday, I put on lotion after showering, and on Sunday, I decided to not put on lotion, even though I did shower. I decided that since it was about the halfway point (That reminds me of AP Chemistry! pKa=pH at the halfway point, and it has the maximum buffer capacity!!), I would go ahead and not apply lotion one day to see the true moisturizing effect of each lotion. All through Monday, neither leg looked ashy. By Tuesday afternoon, though, my right leg, the Nivea leg, was looking rather ashy. My left leg, the Olay leg, was still free of ashiness. Again, Olay scores a point. When I got home on Tuesday, I showered and applied lotion. Both of my legs are currently free of ashiness.

The main thing that IS wrong with my legs, though, is the fact that they are both covered with mosquito bites. But that is beyond the control of both the lotion and myself, of course.

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Today is Cinco de Mayo, which means that tomorrow is my birthday. I can hardly believe it! On Saturday, I came to the realization that it was May. That realization was promptly followed by the realization that my birthday is in the first week of May. Now that my birthday is in less than 24 hours, I still cannot believe it. I am not particular overcome by excitement or anything. That is not too strange, is it?

I guess with a birthday comes a wish list. So here is a wish list, which does not necessarily apply to just what I want for my birthday. Some of these things are long-term, or not tangible.

In order of monetary value:

  1. Camera
  2. Nike Tempo shorts
  3. Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper
  4. Puffs tissues
  5. Shower Pouf
  6. Something hand-drawn or otherwise made/done by hand

In order of sentimental value:

  1. Something hand-drawn or otherwise made/done by hand
  2. Puffs tissues
  3. Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper

And the others do not really have much sentimental value, huh? And I suppose paper products are not usually allotted any sentimental value, but when you use them all the time, trust me, sentimental value begins to appear. Plus, these paper products are not just any normal kind of paper products.

And here I shall explain why I want each item, listed in alphabetical order, based on whatever the first letter of how I listed them is.

I have had a digital camera off and on ever since I was in middle school, at some point. My last camera stopped turning on. I am planning on sending it back to Canon so I can take advantage of the customer loyalty program. So this being on the wish list just signifies that I hope I can turn it in and get another camera, which I will hopefully not have to pay for in full. I do not mind paying part of the cost.

Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper
This stuff is magic! Diamond Weave is the best thing ever. Everybody uses toilet paper a little differently (different people wipe their buttholes in subtly/not so subtly different ways), but personally, I use significantly less toilet paper when I have Charmin Ultra Strong. It does not matter if I am going number one or number two. It is just so absorbent and strong and still soft! You may think I am jesting, but I assure you, I am not- if someone actually bought me a package of Charmin Ultra Strong, I would be so full of happiness.

Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper is safe for use in sewer and septic systems… And on my butt!

Nike Tempo Shorts
Before I bought a pair of these, I never wore shorts that went more than an inch or so above my knees. But then one day, I was shopping, and I found a pair that were around $13 or so. I had seen a lot of people wearing these shorts, and I was not really sure why. The reason came shortly after in the dressing room- these shorts make legs look great! The curved part on the sides are simply amazingly flattering! Even on my thunder thighs, as my mom likes to call them. Sure, when I sit cross-legged in them, I can see the nastiness which is my inner leg area, but that is okay: not everybody can have awesome skin all over their bodies.

Puffs tissues
These are great tissues. Both normal and ultra soft. I’m not a big fan of the ultra strong sort, though. So if you are so kindly inclined to buying me some, decide against ultra strong. They are definitely my least favorite of the Puffs tissues.

Shower pouf
The string on my last one came off completely. At first, it broke in one place, where it was originally glued into a loop, so I just tied a knot and hung it back up where I usually do. However, a few days later, the knot came undone, and while trying to tie it back together, the whole string came off! So now, instead of being able to hang it to let it drip dry, I stuff it between the bar where I hang my towel and the wall.

Something hand-drawn or otherwise made by hand
I really treasure little drawings and cards that people make me. Especially if they are aesthetically pleasing in some way. Or, if not so, then at least sincere in some way. If you do not draw, no need to force yourself. Unless it is some sort of awesome inside joke, in which case, I will not stop you! Oh, and by made by hand, that includes a wide variety of things. Like… baked goods. Or cooked goods would be lovely, too, though more intensive and not as common. Cupcakes tend to be more common than breaded chicken breasts, but I love both!

Yep. So thus concludes my wish list. I suppose that the top things on my list are really the things of sentimental value. And now I shall head back to reading about the history of America, the great country in which I live in. That is not meant to be sarcastic, just for the record.

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