AP testing | TAKS | Olay vs. Nivea 5

The APUSH exam is imminent. Eight days kind of imminent. I am fearful of it, and AP testing in general. Today, my APUSH teacher assured me that I would get a 5. I just wanted to tell her to not get her hopes up. Of course, I will do my best, but I might run into a topic and completely blank out on it – you never know!

Every time somebody discovers that I got a 4 on my WHAP exam last year, they freak out. I was absolutely thrilled to get a 4, thank you very much. People need to get whatever lofty perception of me that they have out of their minds, haha.

After tomorrow, I will never have to lay eyes on a TAKS test booklet again. This is assuming that I passed all of my exams, of course, but I think I can safely predict that I passed all of them, and got commended on at least two of them. Also, Texas is switching to a different standardized test within the next few years. So TAKS test booklets will no longer physically exist in the relatively near future, and thus not appear within eyeshot. (I don’t think that is a word… Oh well, cool neologism, eh?)

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Hmm, so yesterday I slathered on lotion again. Nothing spectacular to be observed. I did shave my legs for the first time in what seems like forever last week, though, so my hairs are all even, and that might be affecting how smooth I perceive my legs to be. I am not really a huge fan of shaving, though, because if you start doing it regularly, then it becomes a vicious cycle of sorts.

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