Olay vs. Nivea 3&4 | Fashion Show | Alma Mater

This is part 3 of the 7 part series on this! Read the earlier ones first: 2

Ahh, I am so sorry that I have not updated!!

Anyway, since last post, I have used the lotion twice. I believe on Saturday and Sunday? Or maybe Saturday and Monday? I do not even remember. But that is not the main importance, really. Wait… I am quite sure it was Saturday and Sunday, because I was really amazed that I had actually washed my hair two days in a row for the first time in forever.

Saturday was trial 3. Later in the night, I remember I was sitting on my sister’s bed and feeling my legs, which were both very smooth and soft. I even asked my mom to feel my legs. Hopefully that is not too strange.

The next day, since it was only one day after last putting on lotion, I did not apply lotion within the hour after I stepped out of the shower. Instead, I waited for two to three hours before I put on lotion. Before I put on lotion, though, I felt my legs. My left leg definitely felt smoother, and my right leg was the tiniest bit ashier than my left leg.

No revelations were made from trial 4, so, as of right now, it seems that Olay is winning. By the way, I finally sent in the rebate for the Olay lotion.

This is part 3 of the 7 part series on this! Read the rest: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

On Friday, I went to Koture Ko-tour, Christine’s fashion show. I got to sit VIP right in front of the catwalk. Hurrah for big sisters who pay the extra $5 for a VIP ticket. Ahaha. Crystal and I decided that it was mutually awesome and fortunate that we got to sit next to each other – I had the pleasure of sitting next to her, and she had that fortune of sitting beside me. We are not narcissistic, do not fret.

Anyhow, it was a little awkward sitting at the front of the catwalk, since that was where the models stopped and posed. It was weird when it was a girl model, mostly when it was a short skirt or dress, because I felt like it seemed that I was looking up at their crotch area. There was one dress which was actually so short that it did not quite cover the crotch. Good thing the girl was wearing purple tights, though. It would have been very bad if she was not wearing any kind of hosiery.
Even when it was a guy model, though, it was weird, again because it felt like it seemed like I was looking at their crotch. I know, they are wearing long pants, but I guess I am inherently a pretty awkward person.

As for the clothing, though… I liked most of them. There was an auction for the clothes, but I do not think I could fit into any of them for the life of me. Maybe if I stopped eating for a month? That is not healthy, though, especially if it is for appearance, and not for religious purposes. Say no to anorexia nervosa!! I especially liked the vest of one of the guys, though. There were a few little chain links, which came off of the back center adjustment thing, that ended together in the left pocket. The two white dresses caught my fancy, too. One had this nice oversized pink flower print on the front, and the other had some tulle or something on the front and right side. Come to think of it, I think the same Asian model wore both of them. I really liked that particular model’s hair. It was short and flipped out in a simple but nice way.

After the fashion show, some of my friends and I went to Chick-fil-A. At one point, my sister, who used to go to my high school; Minda, who currently goes to my high school; and myself, busted out singing the alma mater of our high school. This really is a rather common occurrence, though it usually occurs at church after youth group or something similar. Anyhow, we became very loud, and the rest of our table was extremely embarrassed, and kept shushing us. Personally, I think I kept getting louder because of their shushing. We finished the alma mater by pounding our fists on the table and shouting, “BOBCAT FIGHT! NEVER DIES!!” Less than a minute after our arousing finale, the manager came to our table, and said,

“We have other customers here. Please try to keep it down.”

Or something along those lines. It was rather embarrassing, and I did not feel like going back up to get any more refills of lemonade.

I am glad we did that, though. It certainly makes for a great story.

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