Banana nut muffin

When my mom initially brought home two banana nut muffins from church on Sunday, I was not all that excited. I remembered past experiences with huge store-bought muffins – they were often way too sweet, and, though moist, were just not that delicious. As I wondered about what the fate of the muffins was to be, an idea struck me like a fly swatter in the hand of an expert annoyance exterminator strikes a mosquito: I could bring the muffins to school!

You see, I usually eat lunch in third period, so by the time sixth period, which follows my actual lunch period, rolls around, my stomach starts to grumble a little bit. If my lunch was on the smaller side, then by seventh period, my hunger renders me out of commission, and headaches overcome me. The weird thing about this afternoon hunger, though, is that it is always a hankering for something sweet.

So the muffins, the overly sugared muffins, are the perfect candidate for a sixth or seventh period snack! What better way to get a fully necessary sugar rush? Ahaha.

On Wednesday, I hate half of a muffin for breakfast, and then I boxed the remaining half to bring to school.

By the time I got to seventh period, my hypothalamus (IT CONTROLS YOU! Oh, Psychology AP…) was telling me that I was very hungry, and headaches were threatening to usurp the throne of my mind. So as we were going over geometric sequences and whatnot, I broke out my boxed muffin and began to eat it. I soon began to feel better. I had to eat it slowly, though, because it was quite crumbly.

Anyhow, at some point, while eating the muffin, I made some offhanded comment, drawing attention. Then the teacher asked me what I was eating, and I explained how I was eating a muffin because I could not pay attention beforehand, and that I could now focus due to the muffin. She kind of gave me a weird look, and asked me to simplify the expression on the example we were doing. It was quite simple, really, but it took me a really time to complete because it was so on-the-spot. When I finally simplified the expression successfully, she suggested that maybe the muffin was not helping that much, to which I responded about how I was slowly becoming more focused.

Later, as we were working on some problems independently, and the room was totally silent, with the exception of the ambient white noise, my teacher asks me,

“What kind of muffin was it?”

I responded, “Banana nut,” which caused the class to go into a mini-discussion about personal favorite types of muffins and whatnot.

Now I’m associated with eating muffins, and if I say something a little mindless, the teacher suggests I eat a muffin. This does not bother me, though, because I have always believed muffins to be rather cool things. So if muffins are cool, and I am associated with them, then, by association, I am cool, too. I have no problems being associated with muffins, then.

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