Supposedly boring life

Well, according to a certain person in one of my classes, my life is decidedly boring and I do not do much.

While I may not do much hanging out with people and going out and about, I do not think my life is boring. In fact, it is as far from boring as it the nearest bathroom seems to be from your current location when you are on a road trip and your bladder feels like it is going to explode.

Apparently getting a new refrigerator and washing machine and computer within the time frame of one week is boring. Well, whatever. In any case, usually, what I think is eventful and exciting is not dependent on what others find eventful and exciting. So if this person thinks I need to get out more, so be it. When this person fails the next test or quiz, I will not feel sorry for him/her. Heartless? Maybe. I suppose I could be more sympathetic. But quite frankly, this person does not study, anyway, so this person is only reaping one (s)he sowed.

For the record though, I make no claims of having a rich or extensive social life by conventional or my own standards. I’m a homebody, through and through, for the most part.

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